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Overcoming ISIS: Transcending Sectarian Rivalries

The Western strategy of fighting warfare with warfare has only perpetuated sectarian divides, creating the very environment that fostered ISIS. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Lifting the Sentence of Secrecy in Chile

A human rights collective called Londres 38 is pushing to release archives related to the Pinochet dictatorship that are still being kept secret. By Alexia Richardson.


Viewpoints: Iraq Battles Multiple Crises

With ISIS continuing to terrorize and control broad swaths of the country, and with international intervention now underway, Iraq also faces a potential political crisis.


Palestine: Political Realities in an Explosive Region

Standing between Palestinians and a two-state resolve are a militant Hamas, a militant Israel and a Middle East flooded with weaponry of all kinds. By Laurelle Atkinson.


U.S.-Africa Summit: Partnership Opportunities

The upcoming summit between U.S. and African leaders is likely to make progress on a number of investment, development and security issues. By Chinua Akukwe.


Gaza: The Middle East Children's Alliance

In this interview, MECA's Ziad Abbas discusses his organization's work to bring aid, clean water and creative outlets to Palestinian children in need. By Joshua Pringle.


ISIS and WMD: New Danger in the Middle East

As flames in the region climb higher and ISIS claims establishment of a caliphate, discord among regional and global forces prevents any meaningful solution. By Laurelle Atkinson.

Middle East

Iraq: Consequence of Military Training

Laurelle Atkinson

Turkey: Broker for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Laurelle Atkinson

Israel and Palestine: A Bi-National Solution

Laurelle Atkinson



Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: Turkey's Opposition Candidate

Adam Virnelson and Stephanie Henkel

Jordan's Energy Policy Key to Its Economy

Antonia Dimou

Viewpoints: Ukraine's East-West Tug-of-War



Afghanistan's Upcoming Presidential Elections

Djeyhoun Ostowar

Viewpoints: Thailand's State of Emergency

The International Criminal Court in Afghanistan

Djeyhoun Ostowar



Ayahuasca in Peru: Mysterious and Magical Medicine

James Heartsock

Let Colombia End Its Civil War

Washington Office on Latin America

Fracking and Water Scarcity

Joshua Pringle



Oil Theft Around the Globe

Chris Dalby

Nigeria: Ending the Threat of Boko Haram

Chinua Akukwe

Congo: M23 Down but Not Out

Derick Wolf


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